Sunday, November 8, 2009

What is Writing?

Writing is a caged soul, yearning to be free;
Writing is imagination and what it means to me.

Writing is a personal connection, dwelling in your heart;
Writing isn't finishing, but the choice you make to start.

Writing is a slick, trickle of water, cool to the touch;
Writing is a great tranquility- full clutch.

Writing is spilling you, from brain, to pen, to ink;
Writing is comforting rain, pitter, patter, clink.

Writing is a sweet dream, full of rosebud blossoms;
Writing is politeness, no sir and yes'm.

Writing is a tree, beautiful in fall;
Writing is sitting by the telephone, waiting for a call.

Wrting is a wolf, ready for the pounce;
Wrting is a ball with aperfectionizing bounce.

Writing is a convertible ride, on a sunset scene;
Writing is a clean mirror with a sheen of crystaline.

Writing is a newborn puppy, squirming to lick your face;
Writing isn't winning, but knowing your contribution to the race.

Writing is persuading, to the protagonist's side;
Writing is joyous feelings of continuous self- pride.

Writing is a twisted leaf on a maple branch;
Writing is a sunny day on a country ranch.

Writing is a snowflake on a frosty winter's day;
Writing is a new discovery along the Milky Way.

Writing is a moonlit boat ride with a lover from the past;
Writing is a friendship that was built to last.

Writing is a sparkling sea, full of shining blue.
This is what writing means to me, but what does it mean to you?


Kirthi said...

that was gorgeous! I loved the first two verses and the last 3.
In fact, I loved all of them! :)

Anonymous said...

This is my absolute favorite post on your blog, so are a very talented writer! Love from Mom