Monday, December 21, 2009

Coming Soon

I would just like to inform my followers and people who read this blog that I am currently working on many literary works though however I am not posting them yet. I am taking a small break seeing as I have many things to do that do not involve the computer. Although I am not posting, I will continue writing. I will probably be back posting anywhere from a week to a month. Don't stray from my blog, just keep checking for the coming attractions and new masterpieces. Thanks for understanding and have a wonderful winter! See you in 2010!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Appreciate the Followers!

I just wanted to let all of my readers out there in Blogworld that there are some other wonderful blogs! My followers, particularly Kirthi and Marianne, also have some awesome blogs. When you have a chance, check them out!

  • Kirthi's:

Fly Away



  • Marianne's:

My Life

My World

Again, thanks to my dedicated followers. I really enjoy your comments! =)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quotes of Rose Cunningham 2

These are the quotes I have done from 11/11 until 12/12. There are mostly one per day. Enjoy! Every first quote I post is one that someone else originated, but is one of my favorites!

"Reach for the moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

"Enthusiasm is an over-joyous feeling when one is optimistic and realistic."

"I would like to proclaim to the world: 'APPRECIATE'!"

"Rise and shine your brilliance upon the world in which you live."

"Thinking of others = perfection"

"Helping others helps you."

"Time together is time well spent."

"Marvelous moments make magnificent memories."

"In life, there is almost always a next time. If it isn't the expected way, remember you will improve with experience. If it is the way you want, be grateful and know you have reached a new height."

This is my pitiful approach on one-liner comedy. I was not born for this, but alas:

"I abhor when someone gives you a sheet with the instructions: 'Elaborate.' Are they talking about the sheet or the instructions?"

"Life is like a show. On stage, you are trying your best to impress and are letting the audience know someone you aren't. But backstage is where it all happens. You reveal your true self , yet you are always thinking of improvements that will please."

"Life is not what's in it for you, but what you can do to get more happiness for the people in it with you."

"When in doubt, study."

"When time slips by, so does everything you could've accomplished and a part of your life."

"You can achieve more when you put forth the effort to do it right the first time."

"It doesn't matter what others think of you. Please yourself because you are the one you will have with you all your life. Choose friends that accept you for who you are because your friendship will be true."

This is one said by my 7th grade social studies teacher, Darren Armstrong. I totally agree:

"Fear is drawn by the unknown."

And a wintery one:

"Snowmen are joyous and a snowman is joy."

Pessimistic Essay on Optimism

Here it is! It may be a little rough seeing as I am primarily optimistic, but here goes:

Pessimistic Essay on Optimism

The world is full of happy people. Some may see this as an advantage, but you are wrong. With happy people come fantasies. When fantasies are lost and don't come true, you are sad and lost. This creates desperate situations which is terrible in the world. Also happy people just aren't realistic. They are just so... smiley and most definitely not practical. I just hate it. Why am I stuck in this world of, dare I say it, optimism. Pessimists will rule the world! Cloudy days and rain will come and wipe the smiles off your bubbly- eck- little faces! Mwahhahahaha! Ooh, a touch of evil does nicely.

Anyhow, pessimism is the way to go. No more ruined realities. Optimism just gets you down. I don't see why it happens that people get their hopes up to have them bombed down, burned to ashes, leaving incinerated smithereens of despair left. It makes them so......... pessimistic.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't Worry! Essay on the Way!

Don't worry readers! My pessimistic essay on optimism will be here soon. Just a few more days.....

Sunday, December 6, 2009


RAoK stand for Random Act of Kindness. This means that every day you should do something nice for someone. Big or small, kindness can always be spread. This is just a small thing you can do to promote happiness, joy, and friendship.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in the past week or so. I have been ill with bronchitis and have been relaxing through the wonderful Thanksgiving break. While I write this, obviously I am thinking and some random thoughts are that sorry is probably on of the most common words. Perhaps there is someone out there right now who is deeply and affectionately apologizing to the love of his life, hopind desperately for her forgiveness; or there might be a small toddler apologizing the words they have heard others say, not realizing what they even mean. Sorry could be used really casually when you bump into someone or step on their toe. Also, some other words that are used alot are verbs. But before my nerdy self gets carried away in typing my every random thought, I am going to end this post. Don't worry, I will still be writing the Pessimistic Essay on Optimism. I just got a planner, so hopefully I can free up more time to write than just on breaks from school. Have a great day!