Monday, June 28, 2010

Hebdomadal Anecdote (4)

For this week's HA, I've decided to make a post about a wonderful spot: the staircase at the Margaret Mitchell House. Of course, many have no idea where this is (fyi, it is on the 2.5 floor of the MMH- on the corner of Peachtree and 10th- and is reachable by the 3rd floor; it is a square furnished with a window overlooking a sign, trees, buildings, the road, and its furnished as well with dark green carpet and perfection), or what it means, in fact, I am probably one of very few who know it even exists, but that makes it all the more special. I have taken many writing courses over the years (when I was 9 until presently- almost 14-) and each time when we are told a prompt or exercise, and then told to spread out, I immediately rush to my special sanctum sanctorum. Inspiration comes, the atmosphere is perfect for anything, and it is like an escape from reality, yet it is reality, for which I am eternally grateful. My special spot has been the place where many of my poems, stories, ideas, etc., have come to life. Unfortunately, I am too old to be attending many more camps and programs there., thus I had to say farewell to my comfort and home. Before we parted (only literally), I wrote this poem to express my love for this spot: (we were writing odes.....)

"Ode to the Staircase"

O my beloved,

There through thick and thin;

I shall never ever forget you,

You've earned a special place within.

The window always shining,

does brighten up my day;

The ivy-coloured carpet,

Supports me as I lay.

The antiquated style,

Does flatter you so well;

You hold my inspiration,

And the secrets that I tell.

Every moment I spend,

Writing as I do;

I smile as I think,

O staircase, I love you.

And of course, I wrote that as I basked in the splendor of my staircase. =)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Night

The night, a silent swan,

Dark as liquid fear,

Calls, breathes, echoes:

A sea of quiet slumber,

Blackness swells the eyes;

Dreaming doth surmise;

Light cannot escape - it's a vacant maze;

Waiting until the morn, saunters time into sleep.

This was written at the camp, again. It had a format as follows:

Line 1: alliteration

Line 2: simile

Line 3: personification

Line 4: metaphor

Line 5: imagery

Line 6: rhymes with line 5

Line 7: assonance

Line 8: consonance

So, yes. It may not be my normal style, yet I decided to post it because I was curious of opinions. It is rather deep and hard to follow, but I had fun writing it, so that is great! =)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hebdomadal Anecdote (3)

As I bask here in the air conditioning, I think of the boiling heat outside. If right now I should step outside, it might be 110 degrees. A shield of heat would block me from taking another step. A fiery air would engulf me and slowly bake my tanned skin into ashen smithereens. A slab of warm air would slap me across the face, questioning, "Why are you not inside on this hot summer's eve, the ac is calling....." Of course that would only be if I chose to dare to step outside.

ANYWAYS, that is not what this week's HA is about. That is merely a side ante-note. Moving along:

About blogging: Blogging is an escape. Blogging is the expression of one's self through typed words, and publicized for the world to see. Blogging is what I love doing and is an outlet for creativity. The words seem to flow more smoothly on a keyboard than they do on paper. Stories ooze out beneath the white lettering on the black squares that jumble together to form a rectangle of QWERTY goodness. I love to type up many a thing because documentation of my literature and the comments I hear from others is a pleasure I adore in life. Satisfaction comes to those who blog and I feel as though any day I can stop all and blog. Which is funny: if I have a pile of chores waiting to be done, a book to be read for class, and a suitcase to pack for a summer road trip, I calmly plop into the swivel chair and type. Free; liberated from the normal life outside the Blogosphere. I am collected and cool as I type away, not a care as to the hours of things I need to do. Blogging is relaxing. Blogging is a luxurious treat that I appreciate so much. Whoever created blogs is a genius and I need to find that out to write them a thank-you note. (Idea: What if everyone wrote a thank-you note to someone and then their mailbox was piled up with all these kind words; think how happy they'd feel! =) Anyways,) Blogging is me, and I am a blogger. It is what I do and what I enjoy, and I appreciate this great opportunity. Blogging is wonderful, magnificent, and great. Yet now, I fear I must go read my summer reading, empty the trash, clean my room, take out the dogs, and make a lunch for tomorrow. Farewell readers!

Side note: For some reason I am not writing in my normal style tonight, I think I've read a book and I am speaking like that character. Does that ever happen to you? I've read something so powerful with such dialouge and characterization that the character is implanted in my mind and I cannot stop thinking and acting like that very person. Funny how that is.....

The Proposal

A smile danced across her celestial face;

Success shimmered in her eyes;

A shadow lifted and emazement engulfed her being.

He did it.

He proposed.

Her reply was bubbly, excited,ecstatic.

Happiness descended upon her,

And safety fell, as did she

Into his arms and

Into his kiss.


Currently, I am enrolled in a camp at the Margaret Mitchell House called Rhythm and Rhyme: it is a poetry camp. I may post some of the many poems that I write there. We are experimenting with many different types of poetry and using certain prompts and exercises. Therefore, I will probably post the good ones...=) Still, hopefully you will check out the website and learn about Margaret Mitchell and the camps they offer about literature and all the legacy inside the beautiful building.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hebdomadal Anecdote (2)

For summer reading, we are required to read one of 3 books, and do a small project on it. I am reading the book Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier, and I'm really enjoying it and loving all the language and the genuine quality writing the Daphne du Maurier has written. It is amazingly vivid and has genius perspectives. Everything about it portrays her vast plethora of knowledge and here amazing ability to write. As I read it, however, I think of the obvious contrast between then and now. Rebecca was published in 1938, over 70 years ago. The outstanding differences between then and now have caused me to reflect on society today. In Rebecca, the characters are so real, and possess a truthfulness and obedient respect for one another (based on social status, yet nonetheless, they are created so fantastically, you can tell a huge difference between the communication of now, and that of yesteryear. Many things were focal in the antiquated years are now forgotten, or less important. This isn't necessarily bad, yet I think the world would do some good by looking back towards the past and grasping some, in my opinion, ideas that were present then, and applying them to our lives now. Most things have changed now. Technology has progress, for better or worse, and new discoveries astound us. Yet, the importance of language has decreased and conversations aren't as precise and, well, respectful, as they were. Reading Rebecca has formed the realization in my brain that time has passed, changes have come, and this is how life cycles. I appreciate and love the past, and hope that some things change, but seeing as change is ever present and time will be gracious, my hope remains eternal.
Note: The Hebdomadal Anecdotes are not meant to offend anyone. These are my personal opinions, and my intention is to share my views, not to diminish others'. Please feel free to comment, just keep it appropriate. My apologies for any hurt feelings over my writing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Single Leaf

A single leaf

Hanging bare

From a branch

In the air

A pair of eyes

Settles so

On the sight

Only they shall know

A moment of peace

A single thought

These eyes will see

In that one spot

Many come

To the exact place

Though they cannot see

Nature's same embrace

The single leaf

That time did allow

That one pair of eyes

To see somehow

Is appreciated

But not seen again

Because the one chance

Has reached its end

What do you think of this poem? Please comment on what you think the meaning is or how you reacted after reading it. I would really like to know how people percieve my personal poetry. Thanks!

(I think the meanigng is as follows: The time you have is only once, and you should appreciate the little things because you can only experience it once; and sometimes it is only you who can experience it.)

So, yes. Please leave your opinion in your comments! Thanks! =)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hebdomadal Anecdote

I have decided to try to make a meme on this blog that I call "Hebdomadal Anecdote," in which I will randomly choose a topic and state anything I like on it. Normally, I feel it will be about a personal opinion or a certain aspect of life I find fascinating. For example:

Hebdomadal Anecdote #1:

As I began finding a title for my new, and first, meme, I went to to find another word to describe weekly. I searched and found hebdomadally, meaning, doing something every seven days. I found this word interesting a perfect for the new part of my blog. I realized, as I typed it out, how so many words are in the English language. There is such a plenitude of words that it is hard to fathom. I cannot even describe the feelings that wash over me as I pick up a dictionary and imagine all the emotions that these words carry. Or the different ways they can be sequenced to tell a story. Words are like messengers, transporting letters, words, and stories into your mind, and implanting themselves, alongside the emotions, in your being. Words are perfect and can describe everything. Even when you say that words cannot describe the way you feel, the messengers are relaying a tale for you to hear. Words are amazing and this little ode to words is to say how much I truly appreciate the diverse plethora of them that have been created.

P.S. A shout out to Anamika Veeramani! Congrats on winning the 83rd Scripps National Spelling Bee! I cannot even imagine the hard work and dedication that you, and all the spellers put in and how much knowledge of language you must have. I immensely congratulate you! =)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello...After a Long Spring Nap

Hello my wonderful followers of BlogWorld! I'm so deeply sorry I have not posted for a while. I haven't gotten around to it lately because of school ending, summer beginning, and the annual room cleaning I do every summer. Now that those things are over, I am dedicating my time to writing, reading, education enrichment (becuase the budget cuts in Georgia are drastic and every time the phone rings with an automated message from the school or county, my mom asks me if they were calling to say, "We've decided to cancel school and good luck educating your kids."), and relaxing. Hopefully I can update my blog more over the summer, and I look forward to many more posts. Note: I'm working on a story that is coming along nicely and hopefully I will soon be able to post a teaser on my blog. Also, I am writing more poetry, so keep checking up on this blog, commenting, and telling others. Thanks! =) And to Kirthi....2 more days! The excitement is overwhelming. Can't...sustain...any..longer......!!!!!!!!!!!!!