Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Night

The night, a silent swan,

Dark as liquid fear,

Calls, breathes, echoes:

A sea of quiet slumber,

Blackness swells the eyes;

Dreaming doth surmise;

Light cannot escape - it's a vacant maze;

Waiting until the morn, saunters time into sleep.

This was written at the camp, again. It had a format as follows:

Line 1: alliteration

Line 2: simile

Line 3: personification

Line 4: metaphor

Line 5: imagery

Line 6: rhymes with line 5

Line 7: assonance

Line 8: consonance

So, yes. It may not be my normal style, yet I decided to post it because I was curious of opinions. It is rather deep and hard to follow, but I had fun writing it, so that is great! =)


Chelsea said...

Hi Rose,

Thanks for posting things from camp. I love your blog!

Rose said...

Thanks Chelsea! Congrats on your wedding! And the class is great! Thanks for teaching it. I'm really enjoying it! =)

Darren said...

It is ALWAYS a good thing when you step out of a normal style. It helps you stretch your imagination. In return, your readers are treated by getting to know a little more about your depth as a writer. I really enjoyed how you wrote lines 2 and 3. In line 2, I perceive "liquid" as something that moves, that has action. Line 3 brings that point to the reader again, as all three words are action words (calls, breathes, echoes). This was very clever. Keep writing, and always stay positive!!

Rose Cunningham said...

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! I really appreciate it. Do I know you from somewhere? Is this Mr. A?