Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello...After a Long Spring Nap

Hello my wonderful followers of BlogWorld! I'm so deeply sorry I have not posted for a while. I haven't gotten around to it lately because of school ending, summer beginning, and the annual room cleaning I do every summer. Now that those things are over, I am dedicating my time to writing, reading, education enrichment (becuase the budget cuts in Georgia are drastic and every time the phone rings with an automated message from the school or county, my mom asks me if they were calling to say, "We've decided to cancel school and good luck educating your kids."), and relaxing. Hopefully I can update my blog more over the summer, and I look forward to many more posts. Note: I'm working on a story that is coming along nicely and hopefully I will soon be able to post a teaser on my blog. Also, I am writing more poetry, so keep checking up on this blog, commenting, and telling others. Thanks! =) And to Kirthi....2 more days! The excitement is overwhelming. Can't...sustain...any..longer......!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kirthi said...

I miss your writing Rose! :( I want posts ~bangs table with fist~
I can't wait till tomorrow either! eeeeek!

Rose said...

Don't worry. Writing on the way!