Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Writer's Block

A poem I wrote (a little formulaicly rythym-wise) when I had writer's block on an essay in Language Arts. Well, I just wrote it now. Maybe my writer's block will have gone away by the time the post hits cyberspace. I sure do hope so...
A peaceful day
A calming breeze
A winter's breath
Of flowing ease

Is ruined once
Is ruined again
Demolished, dsetroyed
By an unkind friend

Writer's block
Is here once more
To provide chaos and stress
And shake you to your core

Why does it come?
To bother me so?
Why do I care
And let it leave me low?

After it gets here
It settles in tight
And prevents the flow of thinking
And the tinkering idea light

It invades my brain
And diverts my thoughts
Yet I somehow let it...
But how do I not?

How does one get rid of such things?
How does one proceed to go on?
By accepting it as an equal and working it out?
By spazzing out and calling it a moron?

No. Take a calm approach.
Think of a pleasant experience
In which you have written
Then the block relents

It will melt to nothingness
Shrivel away
The only comfort in writer's block
Is that it's not here to stay.