Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog Survey!

Dear Followers, Visitors, and Other Who View My Blog,

Here is the first blog survey that I have composed to get feedback from my followers, visitors, and anyone who sees my blog. I want to hear your feedback, good or bad, and I will try to listen and fix problems and/or keep the good stuff. Thanks!

Sincerely From,
Rose Cunningham

Poem Experiments

As I was going through some old notebooks I found a few poems I would like to share and some that are inspired from previous occasions, so here goes:

1. Doodling: Turning Boredom to Wonder and Dreams

Why do I doodle?
Just like so?
Destroying this notebook
In the only way I know.

Writing meekly exists
While scribbles are alive;
It is for its wide-ruled lines
These Drawings will thrive.

I think this is just something fun and light. Entertainment, per say. And btw, I abhor wide-ruled paper with a fiery passion of dislike and negative emotions swirled up in a fizzy drink for 10 hours and let out all at once. Every second of my life. ~College Ruled Rules~

2. Of Love, Hatred, and Evil

Her eyes carried silent tears
Of diminshed hope
Of painful sorrow
Of angry love
Of broken tomorrow.
Her mouth spoke with no words at all
Of her journey
Of her life
Of her suffering
Of her knife.
Her hands shook with unknown fear
Of dreading consequences
Of hatred so pure
Of her beauty beyond
Of her condescending lure
Her brain whizzed into a flurry of panic
Of why she had done it
Of how he had betrayed her
Of how she couldn't go back
Of how she had to face it later.

Her heart shed shards of broken glass
Of misunderstanding
Of obstacles whose pain will burn
Of true love smashed
Of no return.
Her heart did not continue shedding hope
Because it stopped
Her heart gave out at last
She lay next to her lover
And forgot the past.

This one is a bit more intense and emotional. For some reason though, I cannot come to a conclusion of why I wrote this. I am often surprised that these things come out of my brain. How? Why? I concluded when I wrote this that I have an emptiness in regard to events like this, they do not pertain to me and I am not experienced anything of have something concrete to relate to, so I use references from the world around me to conjure a poem to fill the emptiness I have from lack of experience. Rather.
Moving along...

3. Setting Sun

Setting sun,
Crimson wings flail like birds in a cage;
Screaming surrender as the moon takes over.
A gleam of peace across a streaked sky,
An angel's kiss, light, airy, full of power and awe,
Stunning, painted with an artist's paw;
The beauty, a veil to the coming night.

A more natural tone and many techniques that I experimented with. If you notice, it the same pattern as "The Night," save the last line. I wrote it after I recalled that poem and, well, a setting sun.

4. Abused

She walked without a need,
Helplessly quiet.
No one glanced or payed aheed.
She walked without a need.
No one cares for her, indeed.
Her head low, an internal riot,
She walked without a need,
Helplessly quiet.

I found this interesting as I came back upon it. It is in the style of a triolet, where the structure is as follows:
Line 1: important, will be repeated
Line 2: important, will be repeated
Line 3: rhymes with Line 1
Line 4: Line 1, repeated
Line 5: rhymes with Line 1
Line 6: rhymes with Line 2
Line 7: Line 1, repeated
Line 8: Line 2, repeated
So that was my first triolet I ever wrote, and at the time I thought it was hideous and terrid. Yet now, as I look back, it shows some gleaming potential and gives room for the reader to think. All of these poems, I had abandoned or overlooked (or, in reference to #3 not finished but a few lines), and now I see that they are worth sharing and are great in their own way. So I hope you enjoy them, and feel more than free to comment! It's free! No price at all to share your thoughts. Not even a penny for your thoughts. Ok, pathetic,...But alas, thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my poetic experiments!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Tiny Man's Journey

Once upon a time,
A ways in the past,
A tiny man began his journey-
His first and his last.
Across a deep moat
Is where he began;
To overthrow the King
Was his passionate plan.
He stepped up to the gate,
Feeling powerful and brave.
The expression he wore
As he spoke was quite grave.
"Let me see the King,"
He demanded real loud.
He took a step forward
As he formally bowed.
"Of what do you want?"
An answer came booming.
The tiny man stood,
In the air, his reply looming.
"I have come for the King,
I, the small and the meek.
To confront his royal majesty
Is all I will speak."
"Why then," the voice started,
"Come forth, yes indeed.
Your request will be honoured,
You will get what you decreed."
"Why thank you, your highness.
Let me pay my respects.
All I ask in return,
Is a battle of intellects."
The tiny man went in the palace,
And as he did so,
The majesty himself
Decided to show.
"Intellects, huh?"
He sneered at the man,
"But first we fight!
Come at me, let's see if you can."
"Physically?" the man stammered,
Not ready to fight.
He couldn't muster another word,
Try as he might.
"Yes! exclaimed the King,
With an awfully cruel sneer.
"Begin!" he cried jovially,
Coming at the man with a spear.
Scared at the King's
Nasty reply,
The tiny man thought fast
And made a decision so sly.
He took off running,
Sprinting as fast as he could go,
While the King sent an army,
Yet the little man did not know.
Not intellects anymore,
It was a battle of speed.
The army tromped off
After the man who had fleed.
"I will get you tiny man!
You'll pay your sorry price!"
But the man, o so clever
Knew the army's only vice.
As he zoomed through a patch
Of overgrown grass,
He wrapped himself in a piece,
What an apt little lass!
The army was bewildered.
Where had the man crept?
He was hidden from sight,
So the army trudged back as they wept.
"We're sorry, dear King,"
They sobbed as one force,
"We couldn't find him,
By foot or by horse."
The King was quite maddened,
But he called off the search.
"If he ever comes back,
We'll be ready to lurch."
That was not the case,
The man was hopelessly lost.
But he figured for his plan,
This was the cost.
He was in a field of berries,
Lush grass, o so green,
Clear and beautiful skies,
And branches so lean.
After exploring the land,
The marshes, the cave,
The man decided it was wondrous,
And made a choice so very brave.
He decided to build himself
A cabin of log
Nearby some horses
And overlooking the bog.
From now on,
The tiny man resides by the pasture,
What a courageous little man,
Who's living happily ever after.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Quotes of Rose Cunningham 4

Finally! It has been 8 months since my last post on quotes. I'm am so deeply sorry I took a break from writing quotes, but I assure you, I have restarted. At least one almost every night! Hope you enjoy these:

"Inspiration doesn't come when you call it, or just act upon your every heart's desire. It is something that needs to be longed for from within, and found with a passion."

"As I write this, I think of all the people who could potentially read it, and I am in awe."

(extension: I feel so blessed to know I am noticed.")

"Awe is a state of such joy and meaning all welled into a big clump of 'whoa', that it is called an emotion purely because of the amazingly miraculous feeling your body is paralyzed by."

" 'We' want the satisfaction more than being right."

"We do not live to die, we die because we have lived."

"The secret to joy is that we celebrate in others' happiness and realize that everyone can be great."

"Imagination is essential."

"Boredom is a mere word for the freedom to let your mind wander endlessly about."

"One must balance respect for one's self as well as respect for those around you."

"Reach out a hand to the past; you and that of which you have reconnected with will be eternally grateful."

"When you are tired, sleep."

"I have found that when you respect authority, life runs very smoothly and in your favor."

"Passion is a quality of motivation."

"The best advice I can give is to not be afraid to define your own future."

"You are the author of your story: you decide all the fine details."

"O! The morn is gorgeous, a beauty in my eyes."

"But what for the coincidences in life? What purpose does the meeting of people and the daily comparisons hold? For they are an entertaining addition amidst the realm of life."
"The fresh crisp leaves, the scent of morning's air, the fresh look of awakened plants, the beauty of the morning earth; it all helps my day to become something so joyous I must give thanks."
"I am defining my future, and by doing that, I have high expectations for myself."
(extension: Thus, I will succeed by achieving my goals and grasping my dreams.")
"When I bath in the glorious life, I want to get down on my knees and thank God forever."
"Sometimes you have to forget yourself to take care of those you love."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Birthday Celebration Giveaways, from Kirthi

My best friend, Kirthi, has a birthday coming up! In honour of her 14th year, she is hosting a set of giveaways. Here is the link to enter. You must be a follower of her blog Pages to enter. And..happy birthday Kirthi!