Friday, September 3, 2010

Quotes of Rose Cunningham 4

Finally! It has been 8 months since my last post on quotes. I'm am so deeply sorry I took a break from writing quotes, but I assure you, I have restarted. At least one almost every night! Hope you enjoy these:

"Inspiration doesn't come when you call it, or just act upon your every heart's desire. It is something that needs to be longed for from within, and found with a passion."

"As I write this, I think of all the people who could potentially read it, and I am in awe."

(extension: I feel so blessed to know I am noticed.")

"Awe is a state of such joy and meaning all welled into a big clump of 'whoa', that it is called an emotion purely because of the amazingly miraculous feeling your body is paralyzed by."

" 'We' want the satisfaction more than being right."

"We do not live to die, we die because we have lived."

"The secret to joy is that we celebrate in others' happiness and realize that everyone can be great."

"Imagination is essential."

"Boredom is a mere word for the freedom to let your mind wander endlessly about."

"One must balance respect for one's self as well as respect for those around you."

"Reach out a hand to the past; you and that of which you have reconnected with will be eternally grateful."

"When you are tired, sleep."

"I have found that when you respect authority, life runs very smoothly and in your favor."

"Passion is a quality of motivation."

"The best advice I can give is to not be afraid to define your own future."

"You are the author of your story: you decide all the fine details."

"O! The morn is gorgeous, a beauty in my eyes."

"But what for the coincidences in life? What purpose does the meeting of people and the daily comparisons hold? For they are an entertaining addition amidst the realm of life."
"The fresh crisp leaves, the scent of morning's air, the fresh look of awakened plants, the beauty of the morning earth; it all helps my day to become something so joyous I must give thanks."
"I am defining my future, and by doing that, I have high expectations for myself."
(extension: Thus, I will succeed by achieving my goals and grasping my dreams.")
"When I bath in the glorious life, I want to get down on my knees and thank God forever."
"Sometimes you have to forget yourself to take care of those you love."


Kirthi said...

I can't believe you come up with all of these on your own! They're wonderful!

"You are the author of your story: you decide all the fine details."

My favourite!