Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Optimistic Essay on Pessimism

As y'all know, I have said I would post an essay of this sort. It may be a little rough, seeing as there is no rough draft, but here goes:

An Optimistic Essay on Pessimism

Many people use pessimistic as a word with a negative connotation. I personally think it could be otherwise. Without pessimism, this world would be drastically changed. No one could be there to find out things you would need to critique: Everyone would be perceived as perfect, but would have much more unknown faults. Pessimism really is for the better. People have benefited from the negative outlooks of some people. If too many people were always happy, life wouldn't be as interesting as it now. With pessimism comes a certain streak of mischief, and that mischief leads to interesting happenings. Also, pessimism is the basis for many funny quotes about life, marriage, family, and other topics. Sometimes pessimism even helps you to have a better day. If you are about to go and rob a bank, then you think of all the things that could go wrong- then you wouldn't rob the bank and would come to your senses. All in all, pessimism really helps this world to become a better place. I hope everyone can see the optimistic side of pessimism and clearly notice how it benefits the population.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Commitment

Soon I will be posting 2 counter- posts:

An Optimistic Essay on Pessimism
A Pessimistic Essay on Optimism

Btw, I made this post so my readers will have something to look forward to and make myself write it soon and not procrastinate. I love comitting myself! :) It makes you feel prepared.

Empty Applause

Recently, I have been working on a reader's theatre fictional narrative with a few close friends. It is a project for school and many people are in groups. This week, we are presenting them. The teacher kept reiterating the rules for polite audience behaviour, don't giggle, project, enunciate, and blah, blah, blah. However most of all, it was that if you weren't prepared, it was your loss. So instead of listening to her drone on and on, I decided to write a poem. This is the poem I wrote 10 minutes after I wrote "Love."

Empty Applause:

I bash, ruin, and fail.

An epic fail.

The performance was dreadful.

Utterly horrid.

My voice was low,

My shoes squeaked,

I didn't know my cues,

And I completely freaked.

I did an improvision,

To cover up my loss.

Of talent and of skill,

But only at a cost.

The guilt is overwhelming

Envelopes my body.

Ashamed and sullen,

I'm feeling very naughty.

I look into the crowd,

At all the pleased faces.

I felt like I won,

But cheated through the races.

I tricked them into thinking,

I was ready as could be.

But my funny, yet lame improvisions,

Just came naturally.

My effortless performance

Was success in their eyes, not mine.

It was more than mediocre,

But to me, it wasn't fine.

I had chosen to waste the time,

Of which I had been given a plenty.

I looked out towards the audience

And my feelings were empty.


P.S. This is MOST DEFINITELY not my group's performance. We have practiced our routine almost 1,342 times. (hyperbole.) ( :) tee hee! )


Last night I was in bed and was wide awake. I just couldn't fall asleep. I had to write. So I came up with a song called "Love" and a poem that preceeds this post. Here are the lyrics and I know the music is important, but you can't really write music.


I want to be like everyone, but different.

I want to blend in, yet stand out.

I want and I want and I hope and wish and pray,

But the thing I need is love to stay.


Then with love,

I can be me,

Fly to the moon, beyond, being free.

A peaceful sign.

A white bliss dove,

But all I need is love.

A comforting feeling,

A hug from your best friend.

A promise to be loyal,

Until the very end.

Love is happy faces,

Taking risks being success.

But all I need is for you to love me no less.


When I, hold your hand,

All I, think of is you.

And when we, walk together,

It's a million dreams, all coming true.

This is how, I feel about you (ooo, ooo oo whooa!)


But all I need is LOVE.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Morning Adventure

When you wake up after turning off your alarm clock, a magical feeling overpowers you. It is a pleasant feeling that engulfs you into its spell. An adventurous soul, yearning to break free. I think that it is your inner feelings trying to come, but they are blocked by the stress and work and emotions welded up, blocking the fresh essence of your true beliefs. You need to let your soul free and each morning embrace the adventure. When all the stress and work and drama of everyday life are put away and you are in a total agreement with yourself, then you can be who you want to be. I experienced this one vacation a few months ago. I awoke to the birds singing and the sun shining down on my haven of piece in Viera, Florida. I quickly got out of bed, accompanied by the sheer bliss and peace of the nice, clean, relaxing, and luxurious home of my grandparents. My brother and I said good morning and my grandpa and I had breakfast together. We watched the weather and it was amazing. It was pure, euphoric sunshine the whole morning and afternoon, and just the right temperature that night. As I feasted on my everything bagel and pastrami, I soon realized the possibilities of the day. My soul broke free and quickly, I got ready. It was wonderful. I got on my bathing suit and my brother and I, along with my mom, biked freely towards the clubhouse of my grandparents lovely community. While biking, I felt totally free and adventurous and I felt like discovering something. After a cool dip in the pool, we got back on our bikes and the sun dried us off as we leapt to new heights. Riding of a way of paradise, we went into a neighboring road and discovered a lovely back path full of flowers and widely paved sidewalks, a nice white bench and a wide open field, we crossed a lake and into anther road we soared. Finally, we rode back through the roads, lakes, and flowers to my grandparents' house. We took a back road that had many exotic plants and a nice lake that looked like the main source. Eventually we got back and were welcomed by my smiling grandma and her homemade lunch of paninis and vegetables. We talked and then took a ride to the ever famous flea market. After successfully shopping, we relaxed, read, and chatted. It was then that I realized how much I enjoyed the day. My inner feelings blasted me off to a new world of luxury. I loved the adventure, discovery, and being with my family. It was great! We relaxed the rest of the night and peacefully slept accompanied by the stars and moon and magnificence of the day I had really lived.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ideas on What to Do If You're "Bored"

  1. Look around, something has to be happening. If you are around 1- 5 people, then it could be interesting to just stare at them until they notice- that's always fun! :)- or pretend you know their life story and then silently make up their life plan. When you start laughing, you may as well talk to them seeing that they are probably bored too and they haven't seen this amazing list. Or you could do something such as imagine certain aspects of them (e.g. fashion, home, school, food, quirks, etc...). If you are around a crowd, then you are in luck. Sometimes eavesdropping is fun if it is harmless. If they are in a personal conversation because 1) it is their personal business and 2) you will be so into the conversation you will be unaware of your surroundings and then they will catch you. Also, counting the number of shoes, red jackets, brown pants, necklaces, ties, etc. that people have on is neat. Also, if you are in any room with something in it, you could notice minor details and then convince yourself that no one else knows them, therefore you are special and clever. So, all in all, unless you are in a white room by yourself, chances are high you can still be intrigued. And even if you are in a white room by yourself, you could interview yourself or just let your mind wander.

  2. Create. Create a 1)blog. That's what I did! It's really awesome. 2) a Scrapbook. 3) a book in general. 4)a game. 5) a brochure. 6) a business. 7) a piece of art. 8) culinary creations. 9) a full- fledged meal with decorations and such. 10) fort.

  3. List many different things. Either list facts or list ideas or funny interesting tidbits. Some facts could be the 50 states or all the countries in a certain continent. Some ideas come be on what to make, what to do when you are bored, or pretty much anything. And funny things would be funny quotes, funny pictures, random facts. Listing is always fun and something that allows you to learn cool things!

  4. This is nerdy, but teach the material you are learning in school. Be creative and just go away to a new zone of teaching.

  5. Last but not least, not the most recommended, but get together with someone else and play a game, talk, or just hang.

So, I hope this list may help when you are bored and maybe you can do something creative. Also, this isn't very fun, but you can do a RAoK (Random Act of Kindness) such as a chore or a favor for a neighbor or family member. Have a great day (or night!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Quotes of Rose Cunningham

"Atmospheric pleasure comes from the imagination of one's soul."

"Words full of meaning= Worlds full of meaning."

"All dreams are signs of imagination led by optimism: An inch closer to dreams becoming reality, you must be rewarded. To be rewarded, help those in need of a friend or advice."

"All good days share one thing in common, they all involve a smile being passed from one to another."

"Effort is short- lived, but if it is good, the pride is ever-lasting."

"A laugh is a burst of happiness erupting from your smile and going beyond."

"Friends are the missing pieces of a puzzle- once you have them, you can create a beautiful masterpiece."

"Wandering is a mindless state. Yet once you know you are wandering, it turns to daydreaming or just thinking."

"Every morning is fresh and new,

A charming site,

With blossoming flowers and sweet morning dew.

Every morning is fresh and new,

A peaceful way,

To just be you."

"Unfairness is one who doesn't admit that they can't see it evenly."

"Winning is like acing a test, once you are joyous and celebrating, you keep trying, to experience that feeling again."

I will post more later. I write quotes on my mirror each night so they provide a new outlook and idea for the coming day. I put them up by my light to symbolize creative thinking and guiding light. Hope you enjoy them! Btw, these are from 10/26- 11/10. (I skipped a few nights because of illness or late nights.)

Yesterday is history,

Tommorow is a mystery.

And today?

Today is a gift.

That is why it is called the present.

This is a quote, not by me though- kudos to anyone who can find the author.

The Blank Page

Here is a blank page
With scribbles meaning words.
The words turn into stories
Connected, then heard.

The page will be transformed
Into a masterpiece.
It comes from the heart,
There, but now released.

What happens in the process
Of transforming a blank page?
The writing soulfully appears,
No longer a blank cage.

Climate Wars

Why is it that every time you walk into a house, you never feel comfortable? This is the exact feeling I got today as I strutted into my house after walking home. Of course it was in the low 70's and I was dressed for the morning temperatures of Marietta, GA in November. Every morning as I sit on my bed, I would have to make an important decision- what part of the day shall I dress for? Should it be the frigid morning temperatures of the arctic? Or what about at Simpson? How could I decide that? The commons were perfect, but math class was the tundra, language arts was the sauna, science, the steam room, and social studies varied daily. Tough decisions! Then I could dress for afternoon- mid 70's. Then I would decide on jeans, boots, and a three- quarter sleeve top. Of course, perfect with a jacket for morning, stuff the jacket in my bag in the afternoon for a stuffy walk home. Then I consider Simpson and I just get frustrated.

Finally, I walk out of the steam room and then to the fresh air for a walk home. The walk becomes hotter as I go around in my Old Navy boots and thick jeans. Sweat dribbles down my forehead and I finally walk into my lovely home. I expect something such as a nice cool breeze of cold air to brush upon my humid body as I rush into the house. Normally a frigid blast comes and engulfs me. But no- today, today is the one day it doesn't. I walk inside and burn up! My veins are boiling, my skin is scorched, and the heat makes it seem as if I am highly flammable. I rush to the a.c. pad where you choose the temperature and then change the heat to a.c. and then turn it to 69, my ideal temperature. Then when I walk upstairs to change out of my winter wear, I do the same to the now a.c. Finally the house is right and I begin to escape from my cage of heat. All is well until..... OH NO! My family comes home and are experienced the same heat dilemma, though they are all so cold and all. HOW? I dunno! But they are, nevertheless. I reluctantly switch it back to the heat, stripping off more layers. I concur that I should change into a bathing suit to soak up the scalding sun and maybe get a tan, but of course that would be a bit too dramatic. I unfortunately must boil in the climate of my home. I try once more to change it to my comfort zone, but I lose, 3 to 1. It is so terrible, I clunk off to go outside with my dogs. I come in and experience my bones drying out, my skin burning, and again, that flammable feeling. Maybe a cold shower will do, or taking my cats outside. Or my scooter. Or my pogostick. Or my imaginary pets. Or the dogs again. I'm desperate! At least the temperatures will cool down tonight. I conclude on the climate conflict by simply stating: No matter what I wear, the weather forces diagree and then I shall suffer another sauna or polar ice cap. Then as I lay down to sleep, the climate I shall never keep.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Dog's Life

This is a short story compiled with ideas from my own 2 dogs: Toto and Cookie. They are always so anxious and chipper when anyone in our family makes a hint of a notion of stepping within 10 feet of our front door. Plainly stated, they love to go outside. Btw, this is from their point of view.

She stepped towards the door and my small, attention- hogging brain rang like an alarm-clock at 3 a.m.

"Ugh," she said, sauntering towards the door. It was like 11 p.m., but I had to attend a meeting for my business. I hollered at my partner in crime, Toto, with a shrill high pitched yelp that I thought was so ferocious and indeed loud, but my owner just said,

"Oh Cookie, you think you are so ferocious don't you?! You silly girl!"

I think I will puke the next time she says anything in that horrid, babyish, squealing voice. It makes my insides crumble with an uncomfortable, wordless feeling. Yuck! Anyhow, back to hollering at Toto. Of course my owner had to finalize the yell with another babyish- puke-

" Toto Cookie! Let's go outside!"

Just then she said those 3 words that I have for so long been waiting to hear. With those words, my heart forgave her for anything ever said in such a "voice. " With those words, I could be married by, taught by, eaten by, smothered by, and loved by. Oh those words: Let's go outside!

Toto came to the carpet of many rectangles and we wagged our tails in harmonious excitement. It was such a jovial occasion! My short memory couldn't remember the last time this had happened. It was just an instinct. She said to sit and then hooked the never- merciful leash onto ours metal pronged cages known a s collars. These are worse than the voice. They are sharp and pierce are necks with a slight jab every time we are jerked in a new direction or when we outrun our loathsome leashes. Back on track, she said to sit and we obeyed at about the 3rd time because our ecstatically about the occasion were beyond the mind, we had to express it in a form of dance. We finally sat and then within a few moments we were glued to the carpet and then it happened: She opened the door, slowly, but surely. It was like a magic wave. Toto began to creep towards it, but was cautioned with a

"Back- sit- stay." from the amazing girl almost ready to lead us to a victorious land. My insides shifted and released some flatulence, symbolizing the happiness. Then we waited nervously for that one magical word. We waited as she teased us with quick movements towards the door. Right before we were about to burst with excitement, she said it:

"Heel." We bolted through the doorway, past the mustiness of the front hall, through to the fresh land of the night sky. The stars illuminated the way to triumphant wonders. Toto attended his needs quite quickly as he lifted his leg and took care of it on the nearest bush. I, oh I had to find the most perfect spot for my needs. Some place that was worthy enough to be done on by a royalty such as me. I searched for what seemed like hours, but was about 2 minutes. My owner came closer as Toto neared the end of his #2 Dance. He squatted and that reminded me of my business meeting. I found a spot and we simultaneously fulfilled our needs. Why it was so relieving. All this excitement to go to the bathroom in the soft grasses. "Ahh," I thought peacefully. "Much better." Toto and I rushed up to the door, obviously finished. We wanted in now. Our owner raced up to the door with us, untangled herself in twirls and leaps from our leashes. No one likes them, but it's some sort of neighborhood law. Anyhow, we all bolted towards the door and my owner thrust her hand on the front door. I guess it's symbolc of "let's go inside now" or something. Unsure. But then, we scrambled into the doorway and soon as she started to make the door ajar. We stampeded over the family cats (Cheddar and Sox) who obviously were looking for an escape route to our luxurious land known as a second home. W ethen were unhooked from our- ick- leashes and finally frolicked into the land of toys, love, and a.c.

What is Writing?

Writing is a caged soul, yearning to be free;
Writing is imagination and what it means to me.

Writing is a personal connection, dwelling in your heart;
Writing isn't finishing, but the choice you make to start.

Writing is a slick, trickle of water, cool to the touch;
Writing is a great tranquility- full clutch.

Writing is spilling you, from brain, to pen, to ink;
Writing is comforting rain, pitter, patter, clink.

Writing is a sweet dream, full of rosebud blossoms;
Writing is politeness, no sir and yes'm.

Writing is a tree, beautiful in fall;
Writing is sitting by the telephone, waiting for a call.

Wrting is a wolf, ready for the pounce;
Wrting is a ball with aperfectionizing bounce.

Writing is a convertible ride, on a sunset scene;
Writing is a clean mirror with a sheen of crystaline.

Writing is a newborn puppy, squirming to lick your face;
Writing isn't winning, but knowing your contribution to the race.

Writing is persuading, to the protagonist's side;
Writing is joyous feelings of continuous self- pride.

Writing is a twisted leaf on a maple branch;
Writing is a sunny day on a country ranch.

Writing is a snowflake on a frosty winter's day;
Writing is a new discovery along the Milky Way.

Writing is a moonlit boat ride with a lover from the past;
Writing is a friendship that was built to last.

Writing is a sparkling sea, full of shining blue.
This is what writing means to me, but what does it mean to you?


Thanks! As thanks was my first word, it shall be the first word of my very first post. I would like to thanks Kirthi Rao for inspiring me to create this blog and for being such a great friend. This blog will be a creation of writing, quotes, and other miscellaneous things about me and who I am. I hope this blog gets many, many years of success and grand creations and masterpieces. Thanks for reading!