Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Dog's Life

This is a short story compiled with ideas from my own 2 dogs: Toto and Cookie. They are always so anxious and chipper when anyone in our family makes a hint of a notion of stepping within 10 feet of our front door. Plainly stated, they love to go outside. Btw, this is from their point of view.

She stepped towards the door and my small, attention- hogging brain rang like an alarm-clock at 3 a.m.

"Ugh," she said, sauntering towards the door. It was like 11 p.m., but I had to attend a meeting for my business. I hollered at my partner in crime, Toto, with a shrill high pitched yelp that I thought was so ferocious and indeed loud, but my owner just said,

"Oh Cookie, you think you are so ferocious don't you?! You silly girl!"

I think I will puke the next time she says anything in that horrid, babyish, squealing voice. It makes my insides crumble with an uncomfortable, wordless feeling. Yuck! Anyhow, back to hollering at Toto. Of course my owner had to finalize the yell with another babyish- puke-

" Toto Cookie! Let's go outside!"

Just then she said those 3 words that I have for so long been waiting to hear. With those words, my heart forgave her for anything ever said in such a "voice. " With those words, I could be married by, taught by, eaten by, smothered by, and loved by. Oh those words: Let's go outside!

Toto came to the carpet of many rectangles and we wagged our tails in harmonious excitement. It was such a jovial occasion! My short memory couldn't remember the last time this had happened. It was just an instinct. She said to sit and then hooked the never- merciful leash onto ours metal pronged cages known a s collars. These are worse than the voice. They are sharp and pierce are necks with a slight jab every time we are jerked in a new direction or when we outrun our loathsome leashes. Back on track, she said to sit and we obeyed at about the 3rd time because our ecstatically about the occasion were beyond the mind, we had to express it in a form of dance. We finally sat and then within a few moments we were glued to the carpet and then it happened: She opened the door, slowly, but surely. It was like a magic wave. Toto began to creep towards it, but was cautioned with a

"Back- sit- stay." from the amazing girl almost ready to lead us to a victorious land. My insides shifted and released some flatulence, symbolizing the happiness. Then we waited nervously for that one magical word. We waited as she teased us with quick movements towards the door. Right before we were about to burst with excitement, she said it:

"Heel." We bolted through the doorway, past the mustiness of the front hall, through to the fresh land of the night sky. The stars illuminated the way to triumphant wonders. Toto attended his needs quite quickly as he lifted his leg and took care of it on the nearest bush. I, oh I had to find the most perfect spot for my needs. Some place that was worthy enough to be done on by a royalty such as me. I searched for what seemed like hours, but was about 2 minutes. My owner came closer as Toto neared the end of his #2 Dance. He squatted and that reminded me of my business meeting. I found a spot and we simultaneously fulfilled our needs. Why it was so relieving. All this excitement to go to the bathroom in the soft grasses. "Ahh," I thought peacefully. "Much better." Toto and I rushed up to the door, obviously finished. We wanted in now. Our owner raced up to the door with us, untangled herself in twirls and leaps from our leashes. No one likes them, but it's some sort of neighborhood law. Anyhow, we all bolted towards the door and my owner thrust her hand on the front door. I guess it's symbolc of "let's go inside now" or something. Unsure. But then, we scrambled into the doorway and soon as she started to make the door ajar. We stampeded over the family cats (Cheddar and Sox) who obviously were looking for an escape route to our luxurious land known as a second home. W ethen were unhooked from our- ick- leashes and finally frolicked into the land of toys, love, and a.c.


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Amazing vocabulary!!!