Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last night I was in bed and was wide awake. I just couldn't fall asleep. I had to write. So I came up with a song called "Love" and a poem that preceeds this post. Here are the lyrics and I know the music is important, but you can't really write music.


I want to be like everyone, but different.

I want to blend in, yet stand out.

I want and I want and I hope and wish and pray,

But the thing I need is love to stay.


Then with love,

I can be me,

Fly to the moon, beyond, being free.

A peaceful sign.

A white bliss dove,

But all I need is love.

A comforting feeling,

A hug from your best friend.

A promise to be loyal,

Until the very end.

Love is happy faces,

Taking risks being success.

But all I need is for you to love me no less.


When I, hold your hand,

All I, think of is you.

And when we, walk together,

It's a million dreams, all coming true.

This is how, I feel about you (ooo, ooo oo whooa!)


But all I need is LOVE.


Kirthi said...

Someone should consider making this a real song :D It sounds real with the (chorus)