Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ideas on What to Do If You're "Bored"

  1. Look around, something has to be happening. If you are around 1- 5 people, then it could be interesting to just stare at them until they notice- that's always fun! :)- or pretend you know their life story and then silently make up their life plan. When you start laughing, you may as well talk to them seeing that they are probably bored too and they haven't seen this amazing list. Or you could do something such as imagine certain aspects of them (e.g. fashion, home, school, food, quirks, etc...). If you are around a crowd, then you are in luck. Sometimes eavesdropping is fun if it is harmless. If they are in a personal conversation because 1) it is their personal business and 2) you will be so into the conversation you will be unaware of your surroundings and then they will catch you. Also, counting the number of shoes, red jackets, brown pants, necklaces, ties, etc. that people have on is neat. Also, if you are in any room with something in it, you could notice minor details and then convince yourself that no one else knows them, therefore you are special and clever. So, all in all, unless you are in a white room by yourself, chances are high you can still be intrigued. And even if you are in a white room by yourself, you could interview yourself or just let your mind wander.

  2. Create. Create a 1)blog. That's what I did! It's really awesome. 2) a Scrapbook. 3) a book in general. 4)a game. 5) a brochure. 6) a business. 7) a piece of art. 8) culinary creations. 9) a full- fledged meal with decorations and such. 10) fort.

  3. List many different things. Either list facts or list ideas or funny interesting tidbits. Some facts could be the 50 states or all the countries in a certain continent. Some ideas come be on what to make, what to do when you are bored, or pretty much anything. And funny things would be funny quotes, funny pictures, random facts. Listing is always fun and something that allows you to learn cool things!

  4. This is nerdy, but teach the material you are learning in school. Be creative and just go away to a new zone of teaching.

  5. Last but not least, not the most recommended, but get together with someone else and play a game, talk, or just hang.

So, I hope this list may help when you are bored and maybe you can do something creative. Also, this isn't very fun, but you can do a RAoK (Random Act of Kindness) such as a chore or a favor for a neighbor or family member. Have a great day (or night!)


Anonymous said...

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Kirthi said...

This is really helpful, I could use this :D

Anonymous said...

Great suggestions and adorable picture!!!

sra dickerson said...

Muy bien hecho senorita. suerte con tus cosas escritos. Me gustar leer!