Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Optimistic Essay on Pessimism

As y'all know, I have said I would post an essay of this sort. It may be a little rough, seeing as there is no rough draft, but here goes:

An Optimistic Essay on Pessimism

Many people use pessimistic as a word with a negative connotation. I personally think it could be otherwise. Without pessimism, this world would be drastically changed. No one could be there to find out things you would need to critique: Everyone would be perceived as perfect, but would have much more unknown faults. Pessimism really is for the better. People have benefited from the negative outlooks of some people. If too many people were always happy, life wouldn't be as interesting as it now. With pessimism comes a certain streak of mischief, and that mischief leads to interesting happenings. Also, pessimism is the basis for many funny quotes about life, marriage, family, and other topics. Sometimes pessimism even helps you to have a better day. If you are about to go and rob a bank, then you think of all the things that could go wrong- then you wouldn't rob the bank and would come to your senses. All in all, pessimism really helps this world to become a better place. I hope everyone can see the optimistic side of pessimism and clearly notice how it benefits the population.


Emily said...

A very interesting and twisted way of looking at pessimism.

Anonymous said...

Coming from one of life's biggest pessimists, I really enjoyed this perspective!

mew said...

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