Monday, November 9, 2009

Quotes of Rose Cunningham

"Atmospheric pleasure comes from the imagination of one's soul."

"Words full of meaning= Worlds full of meaning."

"All dreams are signs of imagination led by optimism: An inch closer to dreams becoming reality, you must be rewarded. To be rewarded, help those in need of a friend or advice."

"All good days share one thing in common, they all involve a smile being passed from one to another."

"Effort is short- lived, but if it is good, the pride is ever-lasting."

"A laugh is a burst of happiness erupting from your smile and going beyond."

"Friends are the missing pieces of a puzzle- once you have them, you can create a beautiful masterpiece."

"Wandering is a mindless state. Yet once you know you are wandering, it turns to daydreaming or just thinking."

"Every morning is fresh and new,

A charming site,

With blossoming flowers and sweet morning dew.

Every morning is fresh and new,

A peaceful way,

To just be you."

"Unfairness is one who doesn't admit that they can't see it evenly."

"Winning is like acing a test, once you are joyous and celebrating, you keep trying, to experience that feeling again."

I will post more later. I write quotes on my mirror each night so they provide a new outlook and idea for the coming day. I put them up by my light to symbolize creative thinking and guiding light. Hope you enjoy them! Btw, these are from 10/26- 11/10. (I skipped a few nights because of illness or late nights.)


Anonymous said...

These are awesome and very inspirational, as are you! Lots of Love from Mom

Kirthi said...

I like Autumn because it's like the crossroads between GOOD (fall) and EVIL (winter) you know? And all the leaves falling down, bright and colorful, makes the world seem "happier"!

Rose Cunningham said...

I understand what you mean and I love autumn too. The air is so crisp and promising; it's like a fresh start. However, I will always be loyal to the winter. I love the cool temperatures and the pretty scenery, especially snow (not like there is much in Georgia, but) and the holiday cheer. I also like- well, ..... just the whole atmosphere, so....dedicated and jolly, and well.... I don't know. Just wintery.