Saturday, November 14, 2009

Morning Adventure

When you wake up after turning off your alarm clock, a magical feeling overpowers you. It is a pleasant feeling that engulfs you into its spell. An adventurous soul, yearning to break free. I think that it is your inner feelings trying to come, but they are blocked by the stress and work and emotions welded up, blocking the fresh essence of your true beliefs. You need to let your soul free and each morning embrace the adventure. When all the stress and work and drama of everyday life are put away and you are in a total agreement with yourself, then you can be who you want to be. I experienced this one vacation a few months ago. I awoke to the birds singing and the sun shining down on my haven of piece in Viera, Florida. I quickly got out of bed, accompanied by the sheer bliss and peace of the nice, clean, relaxing, and luxurious home of my grandparents. My brother and I said good morning and my grandpa and I had breakfast together. We watched the weather and it was amazing. It was pure, euphoric sunshine the whole morning and afternoon, and just the right temperature that night. As I feasted on my everything bagel and pastrami, I soon realized the possibilities of the day. My soul broke free and quickly, I got ready. It was wonderful. I got on my bathing suit and my brother and I, along with my mom, biked freely towards the clubhouse of my grandparents lovely community. While biking, I felt totally free and adventurous and I felt like discovering something. After a cool dip in the pool, we got back on our bikes and the sun dried us off as we leapt to new heights. Riding of a way of paradise, we went into a neighboring road and discovered a lovely back path full of flowers and widely paved sidewalks, a nice white bench and a wide open field, we crossed a lake and into anther road we soared. Finally, we rode back through the roads, lakes, and flowers to my grandparents' house. We took a back road that had many exotic plants and a nice lake that looked like the main source. Eventually we got back and were welcomed by my smiling grandma and her homemade lunch of paninis and vegetables. We talked and then took a ride to the ever famous flea market. After successfully shopping, we relaxed, read, and chatted. It was then that I realized how much I enjoyed the day. My inner feelings blasted me off to a new world of luxury. I loved the adventure, discovery, and being with my family. It was great! We relaxed the rest of the night and peacefully slept accompanied by the stars and moon and magnificence of the day I had really lived.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful morning!!!

Kirthi said...

Really descriptive, it's like I was right next to you the entire morning. :D

Anonymous said...

It was a very special morning indeed! from Mom