Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Tiny Man's Journey

Once upon a time,
A ways in the past,
A tiny man began his journey-
His first and his last.
Across a deep moat
Is where he began;
To overthrow the King
Was his passionate plan.
He stepped up to the gate,
Feeling powerful and brave.
The expression he wore
As he spoke was quite grave.
"Let me see the King,"
He demanded real loud.
He took a step forward
As he formally bowed.
"Of what do you want?"
An answer came booming.
The tiny man stood,
In the air, his reply looming.
"I have come for the King,
I, the small and the meek.
To confront his royal majesty
Is all I will speak."
"Why then," the voice started,
"Come forth, yes indeed.
Your request will be honoured,
You will get what you decreed."
"Why thank you, your highness.
Let me pay my respects.
All I ask in return,
Is a battle of intellects."
The tiny man went in the palace,
And as he did so,
The majesty himself
Decided to show.
"Intellects, huh?"
He sneered at the man,
"But first we fight!
Come at me, let's see if you can."
"Physically?" the man stammered,
Not ready to fight.
He couldn't muster another word,
Try as he might.
"Yes! exclaimed the King,
With an awfully cruel sneer.
"Begin!" he cried jovially,
Coming at the man with a spear.
Scared at the King's
Nasty reply,
The tiny man thought fast
And made a decision so sly.
He took off running,
Sprinting as fast as he could go,
While the King sent an army,
Yet the little man did not know.
Not intellects anymore,
It was a battle of speed.
The army tromped off
After the man who had fleed.
"I will get you tiny man!
You'll pay your sorry price!"
But the man, o so clever
Knew the army's only vice.
As he zoomed through a patch
Of overgrown grass,
He wrapped himself in a piece,
What an apt little lass!
The army was bewildered.
Where had the man crept?
He was hidden from sight,
So the army trudged back as they wept.
"We're sorry, dear King,"
They sobbed as one force,
"We couldn't find him,
By foot or by horse."
The King was quite maddened,
But he called off the search.
"If he ever comes back,
We'll be ready to lurch."
That was not the case,
The man was hopelessly lost.
But he figured for his plan,
This was the cost.
He was in a field of berries,
Lush grass, o so green,
Clear and beautiful skies,
And branches so lean.
After exploring the land,
The marshes, the cave,
The man decided it was wondrous,
And made a choice so very brave.
He decided to build himself
A cabin of log
Nearby some horses
And overlooking the bog.
From now on,
The tiny man resides by the pasture,
What a courageous little man,
Who's living happily ever after.


Kirthi said...

Yay!!! Go Little Man! I love it! ^_^

Rose said...

I'm thinking it could be a children's book...want to illustrate it?

Btw, there is supposed to be a space between each stanza.

Glad you love it!