Monday, June 7, 2010

Hebdomadal Anecdote

I have decided to try to make a meme on this blog that I call "Hebdomadal Anecdote," in which I will randomly choose a topic and state anything I like on it. Normally, I feel it will be about a personal opinion or a certain aspect of life I find fascinating. For example:

Hebdomadal Anecdote #1:

As I began finding a title for my new, and first, meme, I went to to find another word to describe weekly. I searched and found hebdomadally, meaning, doing something every seven days. I found this word interesting a perfect for the new part of my blog. I realized, as I typed it out, how so many words are in the English language. There is such a plenitude of words that it is hard to fathom. I cannot even describe the feelings that wash over me as I pick up a dictionary and imagine all the emotions that these words carry. Or the different ways they can be sequenced to tell a story. Words are like messengers, transporting letters, words, and stories into your mind, and implanting themselves, alongside the emotions, in your being. Words are perfect and can describe everything. Even when you say that words cannot describe the way you feel, the messengers are relaying a tale for you to hear. Words are amazing and this little ode to words is to say how much I truly appreciate the diverse plethora of them that have been created.

P.S. A shout out to Anamika Veeramani! Congrats on winning the 83rd Scripps National Spelling Bee! I cannot even imagine the hard work and dedication that you, and all the spellers put in and how much knowledge of language you must have. I immensely congratulate you! =)


Kirthi said...

Only you, Rose, would come up with a meme titled "Hebdomadal Anecdote" LOL, I love it!!!
You're vocabulary, (hear this) "Astounds" me. Oh yeah, vocab points for that awesome word choice!
This is an interesting meme, philosophical!

Oh yeah, congrats Anamika too! She was awesome. Hopefully it won't arouse "Asian Nerd" stereotypes, lol. But I would be proud to be looked upon as a nerd in school, a better nerd, go Anamika!!!

Rose said...

Thanks! I love the title too! Anamika is so amazing!!!

And check this out for a word verification:

hehe! =)

Milli said...

I LOVE this new meme! It's such an awesome idea. Cool choice of words too:D

Rose said...

Thanks Milli!
I'm glad you like it!
I decided to give a meme a try. I like the commitment and the...I don't know, I just really like it! And I like the random rambling and suchity!