Monday, June 28, 2010

Hebdomadal Anecdote (4)

For this week's HA, I've decided to make a post about a wonderful spot: the staircase at the Margaret Mitchell House. Of course, many have no idea where this is (fyi, it is on the 2.5 floor of the MMH- on the corner of Peachtree and 10th- and is reachable by the 3rd floor; it is a square furnished with a window overlooking a sign, trees, buildings, the road, and its furnished as well with dark green carpet and perfection), or what it means, in fact, I am probably one of very few who know it even exists, but that makes it all the more special. I have taken many writing courses over the years (when I was 9 until presently- almost 14-) and each time when we are told a prompt or exercise, and then told to spread out, I immediately rush to my special sanctum sanctorum. Inspiration comes, the atmosphere is perfect for anything, and it is like an escape from reality, yet it is reality, for which I am eternally grateful. My special spot has been the place where many of my poems, stories, ideas, etc., have come to life. Unfortunately, I am too old to be attending many more camps and programs there., thus I had to say farewell to my comfort and home. Before we parted (only literally), I wrote this poem to express my love for this spot: (we were writing odes.....)

"Ode to the Staircase"

O my beloved,

There through thick and thin;

I shall never ever forget you,

You've earned a special place within.

The window always shining,

does brighten up my day;

The ivy-coloured carpet,

Supports me as I lay.

The antiquated style,

Does flatter you so well;

You hold my inspiration,

And the secrets that I tell.

Every moment I spend,

Writing as I do;

I smile as I think,

O staircase, I love you.

And of course, I wrote that as I basked in the splendor of my staircase. =)