Monday, June 21, 2010

Hebdomadal Anecdote (3)

As I bask here in the air conditioning, I think of the boiling heat outside. If right now I should step outside, it might be 110 degrees. A shield of heat would block me from taking another step. A fiery air would engulf me and slowly bake my tanned skin into ashen smithereens. A slab of warm air would slap me across the face, questioning, "Why are you not inside on this hot summer's eve, the ac is calling....." Of course that would only be if I chose to dare to step outside.

ANYWAYS, that is not what this week's HA is about. That is merely a side ante-note. Moving along:

About blogging: Blogging is an escape. Blogging is the expression of one's self through typed words, and publicized for the world to see. Blogging is what I love doing and is an outlet for creativity. The words seem to flow more smoothly on a keyboard than they do on paper. Stories ooze out beneath the white lettering on the black squares that jumble together to form a rectangle of QWERTY goodness. I love to type up many a thing because documentation of my literature and the comments I hear from others is a pleasure I adore in life. Satisfaction comes to those who blog and I feel as though any day I can stop all and blog. Which is funny: if I have a pile of chores waiting to be done, a book to be read for class, and a suitcase to pack for a summer road trip, I calmly plop into the swivel chair and type. Free; liberated from the normal life outside the Blogosphere. I am collected and cool as I type away, not a care as to the hours of things I need to do. Blogging is relaxing. Blogging is a luxurious treat that I appreciate so much. Whoever created blogs is a genius and I need to find that out to write them a thank-you note. (Idea: What if everyone wrote a thank-you note to someone and then their mailbox was piled up with all these kind words; think how happy they'd feel! =) Anyways,) Blogging is me, and I am a blogger. It is what I do and what I enjoy, and I appreciate this great opportunity. Blogging is wonderful, magnificent, and great. Yet now, I fear I must go read my summer reading, empty the trash, clean my room, take out the dogs, and make a lunch for tomorrow. Farewell readers!

Side note: For some reason I am not writing in my normal style tonight, I think I've read a book and I am speaking like that character. Does that ever happen to you? I've read something so powerful with such dialouge and characterization that the character is implanted in my mind and I cannot stop thinking and acting like that very person. Funny how that is.....


Marianne said...

ohmygod I thought I was the only one!! haha :)No, I do that too. When I read Stephenie Meyer, my writing style is a lot like that. (but that's actually my normal style.) When I read old English literature, I write more like that. You are not alone, dear Rose. :)