Saturday, July 3, 2010

Inspiration for Writing

When you decide to write, how does it come to you? What inspires you? What is the force that brings you and writing together as one? For me, it is atmosphere. Where I am, and who I am around. The setting, the beauty, the peacefulness. All is taken into account when I decide to write. Normally inspiration strikes, a power not to be reckoned with, only appreciated; yet I am most likely to be in an area that is gorgeous, or has hidden beauty. A story, a deeper meaning, a postcard, picturesque scene. For example, I wrote my poem, Rolling Hills, while on a scenic highway on a road trip, while looking at the window at the magnificent rolling hills of the country of Tennessee. All together, I am inspired by my surroundings, the people, places, landscape, and beauty that I see. What inspires you?


Marianne said...

1st of all, I was just in Tennessee yesterday, and I noticed the beautiful rolling hills! That's my favorite poem of yours. I feel like you really let go writing it. It was just the beauty of the land, and those feelings of loss, whether they were yours or not.
2nd, my inspiration comes from the same kind of place. I love that sentence, "Normally inspiration strikes, a power not to be reckoned with, only appreciated;..." That is kind of the way it is. I have countless drafts and excerpts and poems stored up on my electronic devices, because you can't really decide to be inspired. You and I are powerless to that feeling of needing to convey. It could be a person I see on the street, a sound I hear, a gorgeous scene... but either way, something will send me into that spiral where I need to write. :)

Kirthi said...

Oh boy, Rose, what a question! I like the quote, it's so true!
I like how you're inspiration comes from your surroundings, which makes sense because your writing is descriptive.
What inspires you is really great, keep it up :D

P.S. My inspiration comes mostly from things unseen, but heard. Like music, you know? But hey, I go with my surroundings too, just more music :D
Also, I miss your writing! No more poems have been posted :(