Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pessimistic Essay on Optimism

Here it is! It may be a little rough seeing as I am primarily optimistic, but here goes:

Pessimistic Essay on Optimism

The world is full of happy people. Some may see this as an advantage, but you are wrong. With happy people come fantasies. When fantasies are lost and don't come true, you are sad and lost. This creates desperate situations which is terrible in the world. Also happy people just aren't realistic. They are just so... smiley and most definitely not practical. I just hate it. Why am I stuck in this world of, dare I say it, optimism. Pessimists will rule the world! Cloudy days and rain will come and wipe the smiles off your bubbly- eck- little faces! Mwahhahahaha! Ooh, a touch of evil does nicely.

Anyhow, pessimism is the way to go. No more ruined realities. Optimism just gets you down. I don't see why it happens that people get their hopes up to have them bombed down, burned to ashes, leaving incinerated smithereens of despair left. It makes them so......... pessimistic.


Kirthi said...

Wow! That's super pessimistic! I loveeeee it!

Anonymous said...

Mom says: that must have been very hard for you to write, as you are one of the most optimistic people I know!

Emily said...

Interesting perception on pessimism.