Thursday, May 6, 2010

Poem Trilogy

A few months ago, my best friend and I were going through a rocky path in our friendship and I was hurt because of a misunderstanding. Of course, now we are the best of friends, but at the time, I needed some way to express my inner feelings. Whenever you are down, writing, and in my opinion, poetry, can always bring you back up. I decided to express myself by writing a trilogy of poems and show them to her, as I always do with a lot of my writings that I make while around her. I did this, and it let out the conflicts and cleared the cobwebs of the apart-ness I was feeling. Just a few days ago, I came across the small, sea-coloured notebook that I had written the poems in. The word inspire engraved on the front in my favourite font led me to open it. Seeing it now, I overlooked the conflicts of the past as I recalled the poems themselves. They actually are something that I wanted to share, and so I hope you enjoy the trilogy:

Used to Be

Where is the one that used to be?

The one who always enlightened me.

Who shared her smile when I was low,

Who went along where I would go.

The one who braved through thick and thin,

To let us remain as one within.

We shared one heart,

But are now apart.

You and me?

Where's the glee?

Where is us laughing happily?

Where is the one that used to be?

At this point, I had originally planned to not share the poem with her, but then decided on a whim that I should. Thinking that it wasn't obvious, I figured she wouldn't understand and began to write the next one. She, as all best friends would, knew immediately. I thought, "Of course she'd understand! She is a true friend, and knows everything about you." She went on to say that she knew all along that there was something wrong. Who would have thought communication is that useful?!? By that time, we knew everything was forgiven. But still... I had an urge to finish up the next poem....

If Only You Knew

If only you knew

What it's all about.

Then you would cry

Just to let it out

And pout and pout

And moan and groan

Thinking that you were alone.

But in reality

You would know there's always me.

Because what used to be,

But isn't now,

We can mend,

And be friends somehow.

That poem, once she read it, and I did as well, we realized it wasn't exactly us. First, she wouldn't be that dramatic; words can carry away emotions too drastically sometimes. Second, I had to turn the mood to happy because that was the new feeling of the situation. Of course, it didn't fit the down-right depressing mood, however once you cry, it always seems to make you feel happy (or maybe that is just me.....). Anyways, the second probably pertains to us the least, and the last one the most.

Friends of Hope

Hope our friendship is always true,

And I can always be there for you.

And that you can do the same for me,

And we can restore what used to be.

Hope our friendship will last for years,

And we can help each other through the tears.

And we can always talk and smile,

And add more memories to the pile.

Hope our friendship is always proud,

And we can dance together in the clouds.

Up in heaven, in the sky,

So we can be friends, by and by.

Hope our friendship survives it all,

And that we'll be there to catch each other when we fall.

And although sometimes I throw my anger in storm and rage,

It was always meant to be, Rose and Paige.

And the scene ends as they embrace each other in a loving hug and promise to always be true and stay friends. Credits roll. =)


Kirthi said...

Oh my gosh, this is so sweet! Any person will so forgive you if they read this! I'm so glad you and Paige are together again :D

Brent and Emily, The Naughty Book Kitties said...

Those are GREAT poems. (:

Marianne said...

remember the one you wrote for me?