Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Battle

This is a sad, yet hopeful poem that I've decided to dedicate to anyone who is suffering and going through this battle or anyone who is suffering from someone they love who is suffering.

"This Battle"

I look into your eyes and I see sadness.
I see the smile vanish from your face.
Gloominess looms like a cloud over your body;
I can't stand to see you lose this race.

Where is that smile I used to laugh at?
Where is that happiness I used to see?
I know it is hard, but
Is this how it is supposed to be?

This battle is overtaking you.
The teardrops stain my shaking hand.
Is there a cure anywhere?
I hope it will soon come to this land.

I'll keep a prayer for you in my heart.
Slowly, but surely it will come true.
Keep determination and optimism,
And cancer will not defeat you.


Single Winged Butterfly said...

I love the picture.

Deniz said...

That is beautiful.

nikita said...

awww, thats so sad...who is it directed to?

Rose Cunningham said...

It's dedicated to anyone who knows someone who is or who is going through the battle

not really directed towards anyone in particular...just feelings the world feels...