Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Silence is Heard

When all is silent,

You think of noise.

You think of noise,

To fill the quiet.

And replace the effects of life's riot.

Your mind feasts on your personal thoughts;

On what you think that should be sought;

And what you are and what you're not.

Your mind ponders through words you've read,

Things you dread,

And what someone has said.

When all is silent,

Your mind will scream.

Happy melodies of your desired dreams;

How to make real of what always seems

To be the noise when all is hushed,

And why your thoughts are always rushed.

The answers to your questions unfurl

When your thoughts whizz around in this silent world;

But when a sound breaks the peace,

Your thought are no longer released.

The quiet that your mind once heard,



Until it was absurd.

The silence lurking in your mind

That was




And kind;

The thoughts

The solutions

The problems

The words

Are locked away in a far off place

Until the next silence, just in case.
P.S. The picture has nothing to do with silence, except that when you think of this, it can be during silence. The reason I chose this picture is because it is titled "Happy Silence."


Kirthi said...

This is really good, I like how everything rhymes and still makes sense :D I'll keep this in mind for my next "silence"

I really want those buttons..

Rose Cunningham said...

Thanks! I wrote it during a silence after I finished my math quiz! I just love the buttons and blinkers! I got them from that awesome website you sent me! I'm going to upload like a bajillion of them!!!!! hehehehe
tee hee!

Deniz said...

Nice. I like how it all comes together. Taking you all the way to how you thought when there way noise . . then taking you to silence.