Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is a poem I wrote in the dread of my day, that makes me slump down so much, my brains sink into the floor. This expresses my true feelings about lack of righteous educators and the watered- down Georgia curriculum and how it makes advanced students feel when they are placed in these unfortunate situations.

Sorry if I offend anyone who is completely satisfied with the Georgia school systems. Obviously, I am not one of those people.

Why am I stuck here

Spinning in this vortex of boredom?

Why can't I be somewhere productive, making use of my life,

Instead of jailed in this prison of faux learning?

I am injured,

Scarred for life,

For I will never have a chance of success,

If I am buried in this holey gash of pretend.

My bones ache for a chance to learn;

My heart is pounding for a decent education;

My brain cells are dying in response

To the lack of response

Of unasked questions-

For fear I might learn.

Why am I stuck here

Spinning in this vortex of boredom?

If I was taught anything, perhaps I'd know.

If I had some teachings, maybe I'd form a clue.

If I had material to study from, I might obtain some knowledge;

But seeing as that is forbidden,

And I can do nothing about it,

I do not know.

I am forced to withstand this torture for what?

Continue depriving my starved body for what cause?

I must find out- but wait,

In this penitentiary, learning is abolished.


Kirthi said...

I love this!!! Describes Boredom in the most perfect, detailed way!

Rose Cunningham said...

Thanks so much Kirthi! It's so true. Can't wait until movie night; we need to plan that further...... I'll e-mail you.

Glad you liked my poem! I can finally ignore a teacher without feeling bad and totally missing everything. Wrtiting in class is often better, for that is where the inspiration comes in!

Emily said...

All I can say is that after that, I'm glad that I don't go to your school.

Rose Cunningham said...

That is so right Emily! Can't wait to see you in less than a month!!! =)

Emily said...

I can't wait either!!!!!!!!!!

Marianne said...

Haha, still love it Rose!