Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hello followers! It's nice to be posting again. A whole decade has passed since I posted last! I hope everyone had a great new year and if you live near an awesome snow day! I know that Kirthi will be proud and maybe some others that know me, but I finally went to a library a few moments ago. I just got back actually! I would like to inform everyone that it is the most inspirational place you will ever witness! It made me so motivated and determined and gave me such a positive feeling! It magically transported me to a quiet stream hidden by an plethora of lush chartreuse leaves and rose blossoms. I was sitting in the fresh grass gazing dreamily at the sky with a thousand hopes dancing in my eyes. I was again in a magical land. I had begun a trek up the most scenic mountain with jagged rocks swirled together with nature's paintbrush. I could smell the iced peak although I was only a beginner. It made me know I could reach the top though. Then the warm tub enveloped my relaxed body as the bubbles rose further and further up my neck until I could taste them. The candlelight shadowed a festival of dance upon the walls and the moonlit window streamed in an illuminating shine upon the fresh tone in the room. Then I came back to the scene in the library. I felt all those places still and more. The books would take me beyond wonders. Only if you have been to one, you can know what I am talking about. It is amazing how much inspiration can uplift your soul when you vacation to a library.


Kirthi said...

Meeting at the library would be so great! We can schedule meetings after school!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to take you back to that wondrous place anytime your heart desires! Love from Mom