Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sometimes I want
to scream so loud
to shatter the ground
to crumble the mountains to destroy the peace
to let loose all emotion
And full-out scream
I want to let the world know
the unknown anger
Burried inside my veins
To let it escape
And for one second be calm
To have a chance at being free of
Stress, preoblems, carelessness
To be insouciant inside
And live without something
to tie me down
Without the welded metal
Clinging to my insides
I want to volcanicly erupt
Out of the frozen shell anger
Molds me into
I want to feel all the heat rush out
Of me and
be replaced by the
sweet cold.
Yet I cannot be that selfish
I cannot do this for reasons
Of higher importance
Than me
But can you imagine
Holding all that