Friday, April 2, 2010

Rolling Hills

Hills rolling forever
Into the distance
Beyond the valley
And your old green house.

Where we laughed,
Made great memories,
Smiled, kissed, and shared
In each other's joy,
In our love,
In our lives;
In our beings,
That we thought
Would never separate-
But did.

The hills continue on
Green as the envy
Wedged inside the crevices
Of my broken heart.

Stored forever
Are the memories
Of seeing you with him
As I drive past the hills
To my new life
And a single tear down my face
Rolling, rolling.

I don't know what your perspective is on this, but my initial inspiration was that I am in Virginia over Spring Break and we were driving in Tennessee (my favourite state) and there are so many beautiful hills that I just had to write about them. The poem just came to me and the story it told (to me)was that it's from a heartbroken guy's perspective, and he was madly in love with this girl who seemed to be in love with him, but when he had to move and start "a new life," she moved on from him before he had even left. =(

Anyways, I was wondering if, included in your comments, if you could suggest any titles you think would be better than mine. I couldn't really come up with one...


Kirthi said...

Wow, the poem and the picture are both so amazing! They fit perfectly!

Rose Cunningham said...

Thanks Kirthi! I really appreciate the awesome feedback. I had a lot of fun writing the poem! =)

drsheri said...

I think this is an amazing poem, and I am honored to have been in the car with you when you wrote it. For an alternative title, how about "Looking Out the Window." Just a thought. Lots of Love from Mom